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Jacob Reinbold

Vision is a gift from God that serves as a reminder that it’s not always easy to proceed without knowing what’s ahead. Early mornings or late nights, I engage with excitement for my work, out of a constant need to express this vision and image. I am privileged to enjoy what I do for a living.

I am Jacob Reinbold. My upbringing has been rooted in principles of faith and hard work, whatever the task at hand. My eagerness to expand my standard of education and experience is something that will never be satisfied. Adversity is an opportunity to humbly rise higher. I constantly face design challenges that need creative solutions. Among the discourse between problem and answer, there is much interaction with you, the client. The ability to collaborate and solve these challenges is a necessity in serving my clients in a way I feel no one else can. Reinbold Inc. is the natural result of many years of crafting with my hands and mind, from custom expressions through cabinetry or shaping a space to fit a specific need. I reach to hold these standards and stand assertive behind my work. As a business driven by these principles and experience, we only utilize individuals who live by the same code. It is my personal goal to honor my faith, morals, and to ultimately bring satisfaction to my clients. Only then, will I be successful.

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